Publish Date: 
Saturday, November 3, 2018 - 11:30

Microba named Emerging Company of the Year at AusBiotech

The AusBiotech and Johnson & Johnson Innovation Industry Excellence Awards were announced on Wednesday 31st October at the AusBiotech 2018 national conference in Brisbane. The Awards recognise innovative companies and individuals in Australia’s world-class biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare sectors. From researchers who successfully translate their discoveries to clinical practice, to companies who pioneer the developments of new treatments and reliable diagnostics, these prestigious Awards recognise the leading lights of Australia’s world-class biotechnology, medical technology and healthcare sector

The Australian Emerging Company of the Year is awarded to companies that have demonstrated significant achievement/s, and may include any company working in biotechnology or life sciences, including but not limited to the medical diagnostics or devices, pharmaceutical and agricultural biotechnology sectors. Criteria for companies may include deals done, product pipeline, IP, company strategy and/or revenue but be specific to companies under five years of age

Emerging Company of the Year:

Microba has developed the first at-home faecal test to identify species level resolution of gut microbiome. A spin-out from the University of Queensland, they have raised $7 million in Series A Capital, and, this year, launched their first product to market. Already supplying over 3,000 individuals with personal gut health information, they have raised over $1 million in revenue. Microba has also built research and development facilities (including a state of the art laboratory), a database of over 800 newly discovered species of microorganisms, filed three international patents, and has 40 research partnerships with Australian academics, clinicians, and other companies to advance gut microbiome research