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Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 10:45

Introducing the Microscopy Club

Lead by the TRI Microscopy team, there's always something new and exciting and beautiful being discovered under the microscopes. To bring together the knowledge and skills of those using the facility. 

Microscopy Club is an informal gathering to discuss your microscopy issues. We discuss techniques for staining, problems people are encountering… all over delicious cake, muffins and drinks.

The 1st meeting was held on Friday 15th of September and had Dr Edwige Roy presenting her technical work for ‘skinbow’ imaging, there were roughly 40 attendees and everyone had a great time.

Meetings are to be held every month as requested, the next meeting will be Friday 20th October at 11am in the level 7 tearoom. Dr Susan Millard has volunteered to talk to us about her bone imaging using the Vectra spectral imaging system! A reminder will be sent, and details published in the weekly events email.

We look forward to seeing you at our next session!

Aims of the Microscopy Club

Microscopy Community News - September

The following is a summary of Microscopy news, presented at the first Microscopy Club meeting. 

• The livecyte, Label-free live cell imaging and cell tracking system will arrive in October. Training commence Wednesday 18th October. For more info contact Lead by the TRI Microscopy team and visit the website:

• TRI microscopy facility: LiveCyte label free live cell imager coming mid October


Next meeting:

Friday 20th October - 11am - level 7 lounge

Microscopy Organisations & Events

Membership: $25 per year students, $50 per year professionals

Quick Tips

* Skinbow image from FV3000 confocal by Dr Edwige Roy