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Wednesday, May 13, 2015 - 09:45

GutFull Event Wrap Up

Last Wednesday, UQ's Diamantina Institute hosted an event at TRI focusing on Gut Microbiome - the good and bad bugs in our bodies. This free forum was part of a series hosted by UQDI, designed to connect and inform the community on new and innovative medical research being undertaken by researchers at the University of Queensland. 

Speakers on the night included the Chair of the Microbial Biology and Metagenomics department at UQDI, Professor Mark Morrison alongside Gardisal co-creator Professor Ian Frazer and Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietician Dr Katrina Campbell. 

Professor Mark Morrison

Professor Morrison introduced the audience to the concept of Microbiome - the collective term to describe the microorganisms which keep us alive and healthy. We learnt that the surface area of the skin is 2 square metres and each single square centremetre is home to 4 million bacteria. Our large intestine, or the gut, is home to 10 billion microbes per teaspoon of contents. 

> Watch "The Gut Microbiota" by Professor Mark Morrison on YouTube

Dr Katrina Campbell

Dr Campbell focused on the Microbiome from the perspective of the dietitian, emphasising the importance of a good diet high in fibre as the basis for gut health. Prebiotics, probiotics and antibiotics all play a role in the balance of good and bad bacteria in our bodies but Katrina talked about how these are not always used in the best ways for the individual due to fad diets and some commercial products. 

> Watch "Diet and the Gut Microbiome" by Dr Katrina Campbell on YouTube

Professor Ian Frazer

Professor Frazer talked about the bacteria in our bodies and the similarities between his research into melanoma and his research into cancers and the gut. He suggests that skin cancer could be caused by viruses which are present on our skin and that we can take what we learn from one area of cancer research and apply it to gut health or skin cancer treatments. The importance of collaboration between researchers, clinicians and patients is highlighted by the findings in this groundbreaking research. 

> Watch "More Than Just The Gut" by Professor Ian Frazer on YouTube