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Thursday, September 13, 2018 - 13:30

Clinical trials help to save lives 

In an opinion piece written for the Herald Sun, Prof Ian Frazer has urged people to participate in clinical trials to help speed up the progress of medical discoveries.

Prof Ian Frazer drew from his connection with AFL Hawthorn player Jarryd Roughead, whose life was saved by using a new immunotherapy treatment that had just come through a clinical trial. 

Roughead's public diagnosis and treatment for melanoma has helped bring attention to the importance of clinical trials in Australia. 

Prof Frazer said “Jarryd's story is both a reminder and a prime example of another life saved, thanks to clinical trials. From the point of view of a researcher, the importance of people getting involved in these kinds of trials cannot be understated. Australia is a world leader in cancer research — and the seemingly slow advance towards a cure isn't for a lack of trying, or a lack of talent. Some of the most brilliant minds are working in the field, but unfortunately that's not all it takes.”

"The last step — and what we need to keep our research going — is for people to take their support of clinical trials as a concept, and convert it into action. Given the abundance of trials taking place at any given time, almost anyone can get involved. And that is why Jarryd's interview was so important. We need people to understand what taking part in a clinical trial means, the importance and value ". 

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