Publish Date: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 17:15


Applications are now open for the 2016 PA Research Support Scheme - Research Excellence Funding.  Applicants are advised to review the Guidelines to ensure their eligibility and to understand application requirements. In brief, changes made for the 2016 funding round are:

  • Funding opportunities are available Metro South wide (previously PA Hospital only)
  • SERTA (Study, Education and Research Trust Account) has replaced the PA Hospital PPTF as a funding body
  • NHMRC Infrastructure Support is available through both SERTA and the PARF (previously SERTA only)
  • Eligibility for researchers from academic partners extends to those employed by:
    • A PAH-base university school or research institute (i.e. UQ SOM, UQDI and IHBI)
    • Griffith University and undertaking clinical/health service within a MSH site
  • For NHMRC Near-Miss Grants, the initial NHMRC Project Grant application must name a MSH employee as either a CI or AI (previously CI only)
  • Mandatory questions have been introduced to assist the Centres for Health Research determine eligibility
  • Applicants undertaking clinical studies must provide evidence of site specific authorisation such as the SSA letter provided by the Metro South Health Governance Office.

Applications close midday on Wednesday 18 November 2015. 

Further information is provided in the 2016 Funding Guidelines:

If you need further clarification, contact Dr Megan Probyn, PA Research Grant Administration Officer, email: [email protected] or telephone: (07) 3443 8057