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Monday, March 17, 2014 - 13:00

APCRC-Q leads a Revolutionary team award 

The Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre - Queensland (APCRC-Q) is leading a team of 39 investigators that have been awarded one of Australia’s first Revolutionary Team Awards for advanced prostate cancer research.  The $4.25 million award was recently announced by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Funded by The Movember Foundation, this Revolutionary Team Award will extend APCRC-Q’s national and international collaborations.  With investigators from seven Australian research institutions in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, in addition to researchers in Canada, Ireland and the USA, the trans‐disciplinary team will investigate treatment resistance to the largest class of inhibitors currently used to treat prostate cancer (Androgen Targeted Therapies or ATT).

Professor Colleen Nelson, APCRC-Q’s Executive Director and Leader of the Movember Revolutionary Team said “Our Team’s ultimate goal is to determine adaptive pathways inadvertently activated by ATT which can be targeted to strategically be used in combination or in sequence with ATTs to improve outcomes in advanced prostate cancer”.

The team will be closely engaged with the other Australian Movember Revolutionary Team based from Sydney, who are studying prostate cancer cell dormancy in metastatic disease.

APCRC-Q Researchers

“I’m delighted that this collaborative programme recognises the significant benefits of sharing expertise and data across a trans-disciplinary team focused on a common goal.  We are looking forward to improving clinical treatment options and outcomes for advanced prostate cancer patients” Professor Nelson said.

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