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Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 13:30

3d Skin Cancer technology on scope tv

Innovation is taking 46 digital SLR cameras and suspending them on scaffolding, connecting them to a router and using the acquired image data to create a 3D avatar of the human skin. The avatar can then be studied closely for abnormalities in the skin surface to detect and monitor melanoma.

These experiments use the extensive knowledge and experience of the research team at the PA Hospital with input from multidisciplinary scientists and clinicians along the way. Commercial partners assist the process by using the learnings and feedback from the experiment to develop new equipment which automates and improves the key processes. 

This approach means that the innovation can benefit patients almost immediately while improving along the way with real data and experiences.

Learn more about this Brisbane based innovation on Scope TV or watch the video on our YouTube. 

Scope TV Episode

Season 3, Episode 86
Air Date:Sat 12 Dec 2015

On this episode of SCOPE it's all about the technology that's likely to change our lives in the future. From standing desks to skin scanners, we've got it covered on this all new episode.

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