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Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 16:30

2015 NHMRC Grants Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of the NHMRC Grants announced this week, with a total of more than $12 million awarded to TRI based researchers!

Chief Investigator

Grant Title

Dr Gabriela Bodea L1 retrotransposition: the missing link between genetics and environmental factors in Parkinson's disease ?
A/Pr Tarl Prow Micromedial device development
Dr Helen Benham Implementation of a treat-to-target remission strategy for rheumatoid arthritis in Australian public and private rheumatology clinics
Prof H. Peter Soyer Centre of Research Excellence for the Study of Naevi
Dr James Wells CD4+CD8ß+ double-positive T-cell regulation of CD8 T-cell responses
Prof Colleen Nelson Targeting a master regulator of tumour cell plasticity as a new adjuvant therapy for prostate cancer
A/Pr Judith Greer Investigating the aetiopathogenic role of autoantibodies against the M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor in patients with first episode of schizophrenia
A/Pr Jean-Pierre Levesque Why macrophages promote heterotopic ossifications following spinal cord injuries
Dr Allison Pettit Recipient bone marrow macrophages contribute to haematopoietic stem cell transplantation success
A/Pr Geoffrey Faulkner Does mobile DNA impact memory formation?
Prof John Mariadason HDAC3 as a novel orchestrator of lipid oxidation in the intestine and potential therapeutic target in obesity.
Dr Michael Doran The Microniche: A novel in-vitro and in-vivo prostate cancer model system
Prof Michael McGuckin Elucidation of the Mechanism of IL-22-Mediated Suppression of ß-Cell Stress in Diabetes
Prof Michael McGuckin Pancreatic targeting of IL-22 therapy for diabetes
Dr Nicole Warrington Investigating the Genetic Correlation Underlying the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Mr Mitchell Stark Identification of the molecular hallmarks of naevi progressing to melanoma
Dr Kimberley Jones T-cells: the key to unlocking immunity against aggressive lymphoma
Mrs Li Lin Novel microdevices for controlled blood and skin extraction
A/Pr Ingrid Winkler Niche regulation of normal and malignant stem cells
Prof Josephine Forbes Investigating pathways to alleviate the burden of diabetes and kidney disease
A/Pr Geoffrey Faulkner Neuronal genome mosaicism: a molecular component of cognition?
Prof Judith Clements Defining the potential of the kallikrein proteases as therapeutic targets in prostate and ovarian cancer
Prof Jennifer Stow Trafficking and Regulation of Inflammatory Cytokines