Naevus Surveillance using Total Body Photography and Dermoscopy

This study is conducted by Professor H. Peter Soyer (UQ DCR) in collaboration with Associate Professor Rick Sturm (UQ IMB/DRC), Associate Professor B. Mark Smithers (PAH Melanoma Unit) and Professor Adele Green (QIMR).

The aim of the study is to fully characterise the elements and timing of form and structural changes associated with the metamorphosis from naevus to melanoma, and to identify characteristics associated with the normal life cycle of a naevus.

The research involves full body photography with individual naevus images recorded with a dermoscope, allowing the changes to be classified and described. The patients are followed up twice a year for three years with re-imaging of all naevi and any dermoscopic changes arising documented at each appointment. To date 62 individuals are participating in the surveillance study.


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