TRI Microscopy core facility

The TRI has outstanding microscopy facilities including inverted fluorescence microscopes on most research floors. On Level 4, there is a fully equipped core facility containing:  

•    Nikon Brightfield, Olympus VS120 Brightfield slide scanner
•    Olympus BX63F motorized upright fluorescence microscope, IX73 inverted fluorescence microscopes 
•    Laser-scanning confocal microscopy (Zeiss Confocal LSM510 META and Olympus FV1200)
•    Nikon/Spectral Spinning disk confocal microscope
•    GE healthcare 3D-SIM Super-resolution microscope.
•    LaVision Multiphoton.

View the full list of equipment and services.
For analytical purposes, computers containing a range of analysis software are also available for use.  
The Facility Manager provides researchers with the training and knowledge to efficiently generate high quality reproducible images.

For bookings, please visit PPMS

The facility is available to both internal and external users. 
Please contact Sandrine Roy [email protected] for all enquiries.


Microscopy Club

The Microscopy Club launched in September 2017 to bring together the collective knowledge and experience of those using the Microscopy Facility at TRI. See what was covered at the first Microscopy Club meeting here or stay tuned to the weekly events email for details about upcoming sessions. 

> News: Introducing the TRI Microscopy Club