Translating Innovation Programs are a collection of related projects based at TRI which involve collaboration across institutes, technologies and disciplines, united by a common theme. Of the many translational projects underway at TRI, three key Translating Innovation Programs have been identified.

They each consist of related research projects that are designed to address a clinical need, and develop new or improved interventions or therapeutics to improve health outcomes for patients.

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It could be said that TRI was built on immunotherapy, with many of the main translational projects in this program making significant progress - including the cervical cancer and rheumatoid arthritis vaccine projects, which are world-class examples of immunotherapy success.

diagnostic Imaging

Introduced TRI with the appointment of CEO Professor Carolyn Mountford in 2015, this program is a collection of imaging projects using diagnostic imaging techniques to understand the gut/brain axis, pre-cancerous changes to breast tissue in high-risk women, changes to brain chemistry in PTSD, and trauma from blast injury or full contact sports.

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This Program was established at TRI to address the need to expand our knowledge about the role of the human microbiome in health and disease. 

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