Tri histology facility

The TRI Histology Facility is a core facility within the Translational Research Institute which provides both self and full-service histology at a competitive price. 
The facility provides high quality instrumentation with a quick turn-around time, in addition to a further wide range of services such as tissue processing, microtomy, cryomicrotomy, histo-chemical staining and immunohistochemistry.

The facility is available to both internal and external clients. 

The Histology Facility provides a service for the preparation of tissue samples for histological analysis.  The Facility can prepare frozen and formalin fixed samples as well as process the samples through to sectioning and various staining techniques suitable for research use. The facility provides training and access to specialised equipment for tissue preparation slide production and histochemical staining for researchers and students. It also provides a number of specialised services including tissue processing, sectioning and staining.



  • Standard processing
  • Urgent processing
  • Customized protocol


  • Standard embedding
  • Mega cassettes embedding
  • Customised Embedding


  • Frozen tissue sectioning
  • Paraffin embedded microtome sectioning
  • DNA/RNA free sectioning

Slide and Cassette Labels

  • Slide labelling
  • Cassettes labelling

IHC and Other Special Orders

  • IHC, IF and ISH
  • Customized to each project


  • Alcian Blue + PAS
  • Alcian Blue
  • Congo Red
  • Counter staining of nucleus after IHC
  • Crystal Violet
  • Diff Quik
  • H&E
  • Luxol Fast Blue
  • Masson Trichrome
  • Oil Red O
  • Periodic Acid-Schiff PAS
  • Perl’s Prussian Blue
  • Safranin O
  • Toluidine Blue
  • Van Gieson

Equipment Available

  • Tissue Processor - VIP6
  • Cryostat 
  • Microtome
  • Embedding Station
  • Slides and Cassettes printer
  • Tissue – Tek Automated Stainer and Coverslipper
  • Ventana Discovery Ultra

The Histology Facility is happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs or any special requests.  

> To book, please visit

> For more info contact Justin on (07) 3443 7065 or e-mail hi[email protected]