A major problem in translating medical research in Australia is the lack of funding for developing innovative ideas.   For example, a researcher may spend three to five years getting seed funding for their discovery.  By then an offshore competitor has beaten them to the opportunity.   TRI is offering grants to reduce the time it takes to get innovative ideas to market.

In 2015, 4 researchers were awarded SPORE grants of up to $90,000 each with their research work for these projects well underway. In 2016, we're increasing the offering with an extra grant meaning up to 5 recipients will be awarded up to $90,000 towards their translational project in 2016.

TRI SPORE Grants - 2016

The TRI Specialised Programs of Research Excellence (SPORE) Grants are for multidisciplinary teams of scientists and clinicians from a combination of academic, commercial and clinical backgrounds to test innovative ideas.  The TRI Spore Grants will be awarded to the applicant teams with an important clinical question; a clear translational outcome identified and a commercial partner involved in the preparation of the application.

There are five Spore Grants for the 2016 round, up to a possible total of $90,000 each.