translating innovation Programs

A variety of research is underway at TRI, but in the past three years many projects have achieved results which qualify them as 'translational' research. The most successful projects at TRI collaborate across partners and disciplines, creating themes which we are collecting into flagship programs.

TRI currently hosts three translating innovation programs, each with a collection of related translational projects. By grouping these projects together we can identify where resources are needed or duplicated, and encourage collaboration between science and health. Conversations inspired by these programs have led to new projects identified such as Prof Carolyn Mountford's clinical imaging techniques to test Prof Ian Frazer's cancer immunotherapy treatment in clinical trials.


It could be said that TRI was built on immunotherapy, with many of the main translational projects in this program being underway since our official opening three years ago. The cervical cancer and rheumatoid arthritis vaccine projects are world class examples of the success of immunotherapy.

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diagnostic Imaging

Introduced TRI with the appointment of CEO Professor Carolyn Mountford in 2015, a collection of imaging projects use diagnostic techniques to understand the gut/brain axis, high risk BRCA breast cancer changes, brain changes from PTSD, and trauma from blast injury or full contact sports, and ovarian and kidney tumours.

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Microbiome - coming soon

Recently we have identified a strong theme of work in the area of Microbiome research and are in the process of gathering information about these projects to inform a possible program.

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Translational project: A clinical question, a team with a lead C.I. and a patent application underway with collaborations across partners qualifies a project for 'translational' status at tri.

translating innovation Program: A collection of related translational projects based at tri which involve collaboration across institutes, technologies and disciplines

Category: A theme of work based on diseases, body parts or general research themes. These categories host collections of basic science projects at tri which are working towards discoveries & the translational pathway.