TRI Auditorium

Your Best You… A personal leadership masterclass by Bruce Sullivan

Want to refresh and recharge?
Want to reclaim your energy?
Want to make a positive difference to you and someone else?

Life is demanding. We are all now expected to do ‘more with less’. Enthusiasm can quickly turn to Cynicism (and as a result poor health and poor relationships) as you endure the day after day of constant change and the increasing expectations from ALL areas of work and life. These constant pressures can take their toll even on the most positive and resilient of individuals.

So how do we balance all of the demands on our time and our energy...particularly when so much is demanded from us everyday? How do we in the most practical of ways reclaim and focus our energy to ensure that we get what we truly want out of our profession and our life? How do we overcome the obstacles to genuine effectiveness that we might unintendedly create through using the wrong story? How do we instead improve our physical and mental health and focus our own individual input into our teams and our life to ensure an effective outcome?

Be prepared to laugh and learn as Bruce Sullivan draws on over 30 years of corporate and community experience in this discipline to create an informative, challenging and highly entertaining presentation that will provide proven, practical and easy to use strategies to immediately build resilience, decrease your stress, reclaim your energy and keep yourself focused and energised to do what matters most!

Come along to a seminar that has helped over a million people make a positive change to their life. 

Tickets cost $99 and proceeds from the event goes to Mater Little Miracles. To book your tickets, please click link below.