The Vaxxas Journey: Nanopatch™ Concept to Vaccine Delivery

Vaxxas is pioneering a next-generation vaccine delivery platform that enables robust immune system activation by targeting vaccine components to the abundant immunological cells immediately below the surface of the skin. Vaxxas’ Nanopatch™ technology aims to provide an optimized, differentiated needle-free vaccine delivery solution that safely and cost effectively amplifies vaccine efficacy.

Vaxxas has pipeline projects with some of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world as well as leading humanitarian organisations such as the World Health Organisation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Founded on technology invented at the University of Queensland, Vaxxas moved to the TRI in 2015 to progress product translation to clinical trials. Vaxxas is an ideal case study to highlight one of the primary objectives of the TRI to facilitate translation of great ideas through the laboratory into clinical trials and commercialisation.


Vaxxas TRI Seminar

On the 23rd August Vaxxas will present an overview of the company, the Nanopatch™ technology and translation activities to date.  The basics of the clinical trial pathway for a new vaccine delivery technology and the associated manufacturing and quality requirements will be discussed in a 1 hour seminar in the auditorium, followed by lunch in the atrium.

Opportunities for TRI based researchers

In addition to learning about the successful translation and commercialisation of the Vaxxas Nanopatch™, opportunities for TRI researchers to become involved in Vaxxas operations will be introduced in this session.

Wednesday 23rd August - Seminar: 11.30am | Lunch: 12.30pm

RSVP Via EventBrite Required for Lunch Attendance