Seminar Room 2004, TRI

twist biosciences: Improving the performance, efficiency and flexibility of targeted resequencing

Presented by Dr Ellie Juarez, Senior Application Scientist, Bioinformatics Twist Bioscience, Carlsbad, CA 

A critical component for successful sequencing analyses is the quality of the capture reaction, which is driven by the uniformity of the reads. A more uniform capture leads to more uniform sequencing as shown by the lower fold 80 base penalty. With higher uniformity, sequencing reads can be effectively utilized to drive coverage on targets, limiting wasted reads. High uniformity is the best combined result of the probe design algorithm, dsDNA probes, and probe boosting based on GC content, amplification and enrichment bias. NGS QC on all Twist probe pools ensures that all probes are present at the correct concentrations and reproducibility of results is independent of our production. 


3 October 2019
10:00am - 11:00am
Seminar Room 2004