TRI Research Translation Seminar Series 

Major seminars 

As advertised, 12:00-1:00pm in the TRI auditorium: This year sees TRI bring back our institute-wide seminars, with 12 major seminars and an array of guest speakers. These include the Game Changer seminars featuring some big Queensland names as well as the Director’s Choice seminars, which in 2021 are looking at how we can improve clinical trials.

Research Translation Seminar Series 

1:00-1:30pm in Rm 2003: This series is a must for any researcher interested in research translation, as the short and sharp seminars are designed to provide case studies on entrepreneurial and translational research projects and the role of partners (such as clinicians, patients, industry and funding agencies) in the success of these projects. This series will run from 23 March to 30 November. (Please note this seminar will not run on days when a major TRI-wide seminar is being held.)

Join the Research Translation Seminar via Zoom -

TRI based researchers, if you'd like to nominate a speaker, please contact them to ascertain their availability. If the speaker would like to present at TRI, please complete the online form and submit to: [email protected] 

Date Presenter/s Seminar Title Location and Time
Tues 30 November

Mr Wayne Gerald
Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur
CEO and Co-Founder of RedEye

Game Changer Seminar IV 

Accelerating Queensland through Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tues 23 November

A/Prof Fiona Simpson
Principal Research Fellow
The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute

Dr Tracey Brown
Global Senior Vice President –Product Portfolio Management, Telix Pharmaceuticals

Research Translation Seminar 

The dating game: when academia meets industry

Tues 16 November

MCs: Prof John Upham & Prof Maher Gandhi


A/Prof Andy Moore
Director of Research& Senior Staff Specialist, Paediatric Oncology, Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service

A/Prof Glenda Gobe
School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland


Prof Vicki Clifton
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow; Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Research Theme Program Leader; Pregnancy and Development Research Group Leader,
Mater Health

Ms Rebecca Rogers
Pathology and Clinical Research Coordinator, Mater Research

Professor Gerald Holtmann
Director of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Princess Alexandra Hospital,  Professor of Medicine & Director of Clinical Innovation, The University of Queensland

Director's Choice Seminar III

Biobanking – how can we make it meet the needs of researchers?

Zoom recording
Tues 9 November

Emeritus Prof Michael Roberts
NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow;  Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics;  Director of the Therapeutics Research Centre, Diamantina Institute, 
The University of Queensland

Professor Darrell Crawford
Professor of Hepatology; Associate Dean (Strategic Development) Faculty of Medicine; Head of UQ Clinical School, Greenslopes Hospital
The University of QUeensland

Research Translation Committee Major Seminar 

Liver Pharmacokinetics, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer - emerging pandemics

Zoom recording

Tues 2 November Melbourne Cup No Seminar  
Tues 26 October Mr David Bunker
Executive Director, BHDP

Prof Keith McNeil
A/Deputy Director-General and Chief Medical Officer-Prevention Division, Chief Clinical Information Officer
Queensland Health

Research Translation Committee Major Seminar 

Queensland Health & the Queensland Genomics program:  developing a business case & strategic development

Zoom Recording
Tues 19 October

Prof Vicki Clifton
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow; Mothers, Babies and Women’s Health Research Theme Program Leader; Pregnancy and Development Research Group Leader,
Mater Health

A/Prof Warrick Inder
Endocrinologist & Clinicial Researcher, Dept of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Research Translation Seminar

Developing measurable biomarkers for glucocorticoids

Zoom Recording

Tues 12 October

Mr David Bunker
Executive Director


  • A/Prof Clair Sullivan, Leader - Queensland Digital Health Research Network, Centre for Health Services Research, The University of Queensland 
  • Prof Ranjeny Thomas AM, Arthritis Qld Chair of Rheumatology, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute
  • Prof Peter Soyer, Director - Dermatology Research Centre, The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute

Research Translation Seminar

Why an entrepreneurial mindset can help progress research

Zoom recording

Tues 5 October   No Seminar  
Tues 28 September

The TRI Research Translation Committee invites you to meet with commercial groups based at TRI as well as Life Sciences Queensland. This is your chance to ask about their products/services & collaboration opportunities.

Groups attending include: Brandon Capital, EMVision, Microba, MTPConnect, Ocugene, Oroborus,  Vale Life Sciences, Vaxxas, Microbio and TRI’s Core Facilities along with Qld Life Sciences.

Research Translation Committee
Meet & Greet Lunch with TRI commercial groups & LSQ

No recording

Tues 21 September Dr Jeanette Young
Queensland's Chief Medical Officer

Game Changer Seminar III

COVID-19, the ups and downs of 2020

No recording
Tues 14 September Metro South Allied Health Research Symposium No Seminar  
Tues 7 September

MCs: Prof John Upham & Prof Maher Gandhi


  • Prof Sandro Porceddu
    Senior Radiation Oncologist & Director of Radiation Oncology Research, Princess Alexandra Hospital; Professor of Medicine, University of Queensland
  • Prof Josephine Forbes
    Chronic Disease Biology and Care research Program Leader & NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Mater Research


  • A/Prof Fiona Simpson
    Principal Research Fellow, UQ Diamantina Institute
  • Prof Rik Thompson
    Professor of Breast Cancer Research, QUT
  • Dr Michael Wagels
    Staff Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Princess Alexandra Hospital; Senior Lecturer, The University of Queensland; Director ACCISS

Director's Choice Seminar II

How do researchers and clinicians start and keep collaborating? Creating a successful collaboration for clinical trials.

Zoom Recording

Tues 31 August 

A/Prof Siok Tey
Translational Cancer Immunotherapy Team Head, QIMR Berghofer

Research Translation seminar 

Chimeric Angien Receptor (CAR) T-cell Therapy

No recording available due to commercial confidentiality.

Tues 24 August PA Research Symposium No Seminar  
Tues 17 August

Dr Anand Gautam
Senior Director and Head of External Science & Innovation (ES&I), Pfizer

Research Translation seminar 

Working towards meaningful innovation

Join with us as Dr Anand Gautam shares his story, including  academia versus industry and research translation in Australia & Pfizer.

No recording available due to commercial confidentiality.

Tues 10 August

Dr Adrian Wiegmans
Senior Research Scientist, CARP, QUT

Ms Kate Ivanova
PhD student, QUT

Research Translation seminar

Deciphering the links between chemo-resistance & metastasis in breast cancer

Zoom Recording


TRI CEO invited guest speaker: UQ IBM Director

Tues 27 July

Prof Rik Thompson 
Professor of Breast Cancer Research, Faculty of Health, QUT

Adj Prof. Thomas Lloyd
Senior Staff Specialist, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, 
Princess Alexandra Hospital 

Research Translation seminar

Pathobiology of mammographic/breast density; a breast cancer risk factor that influences mammographic screening

Zoom Recording

Tues 20 July

No Seminar

Tues 13 July  

No Seminar

Tues 6 July

Professor Alan Rowan
Institute Director, AIBN, The University of Queensland 

Professor Trent Munro
AIBN, The University of Queensland 

TRI CEO invited guest speaker

The strategic direction of  AIBN and research collaboration opportunities.

Zoom recording

Tues 29 June

Prof Allison Pettit 
Director of Biomedical Research, Bones and Immunology Research Group Leader & ARC Future Fellow, Mater Research

Prof Martin Wullschleger
Director of Trauma, Royal Brisbane & Women's Hospital

Research Translation seminar

Partnering to improve the translatability of preclinical models

Zoom Recording

Tues 22 June ASMI Conference No Seminar
Tues 15 June

MC: Profs Maher Gandhi & John Upham

Ms Enna Stroil-Salama, Metro South Health
Prof Carmel Hawley, Australian Kidney Trials Network
Dr Jake Begun, Mater Research
[Panel] Dr Helen Benham, TRI
[Panel] Dr Rahul Ladwa, QUT & Princess Alexanda Hospital

Director’s Choice Seminar I
Clinical trials: How can we do it better?

Zoom recording

Tues 8 June

Prof Josephine Forbes 

Dorota Pawlak
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Research Translation seminar
Creating Partner Networks to advance and translate innovative discoveries in Type 1 Diabetes

Zoom recording

Tues 1 June

A/Prof Sumaira Hasnain 
NHMRC Career Development Fellow and Senior Research Fellow, Mater Research

Dr Ben Phillis
Director, Asset Management, UniQuest
Director, Jetra Therapeutics

Research Translation seminar
Commercialising academic research: a case study

Zoom recording

Tues 25 May

Professor Hugh Possingham
Queensland's Chief Scientist

Game Changer Seminar II
Climate change: how will it impact on Queensland 

Zoom recording

Tues 18 May 

Emeritus Professor Maree Smith AC
Director, CIPDD, School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Queensland

Dr Stuart Newman
CEO, Therapeutic Innovation Australia

Research Translation seminar
Developing drugs from targets or small molecules & funding opportunities

Zoom recording

Tues 11 May

Dr Angus Forster
Chief Development and Operations Officer, Vaxxas

Mr Blake Wills
CEO, Microba 

Research Translation seminar
Successes and Opportunities for Brisbane Biotech's During a Pandemic: Vaxxas & Microba on milestones reached in 2020 and research collaboration opportunities for 2021

Zoom recording

Tues 4 May 

Professor Paul Young
Head of School, School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland

Game Changer Seminar I
Covid vaccine development: the up and downs of 2020

Accessible via TRI intranet only

Tue 27 April

A/Prof James Wells
Director of Immunology, Dermatology Research Centre 
The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute

Dr Brian Dymock
Director of Chemistry, QEDDI
The University of Queensland

Research Translation seminar
How do you create a drug for your target

Zoom recording

Tues 20 April

A/Prof Kristen Radford
Principal Research Fellow, Leader, Cancer Immunotherapies Research Group, Mater Research

A/Prof Mireille Lahoud
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University

Research Translation seminar
Translating dendritic cell biology into next generation cancer vaccines

Zoom recording

Tues 13 April

Mr Gregory Pratt
Manager for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Professor Julie McGaughran
Director, Genetic Health Queensland, Queensland Health

Research Translation seminar

Involving the consumer in medical research: a case study for delivering meaningful impact for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and for regional health

Zoom recording

Tues 30 March

Prof Derek Richard 

Dr Rosalind Wilson
CEO of CARPE VITAE Pharmaceuticals

Research Translation seminar
The academic pathway to translation – knowing when to ask for help: Treating ageing as a disease & extending health span.

Zoom recording