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These regularly scheduled events will give you the tools you need to make the most of the facilities and equipment available here at TRI with training sessions and workshops. Toolbox talks will be updated throughout the year. Please visit this page for more details or contact Dorothy Loo with questions.

2020 Proteomics Toolbox Talks

The first Toolbox Talks underway for 2020 are brought to you by the Proteomics Core Facility. Registration for Part 2 by end of week 1 workshop – through Proteomics Facility PPMS, Click Order, Training, Toolbox. + Analysis of first sample for Workshop 2 - Lab practical is free.  Additional sample is $60 per sample

For more information, or assistance with bookings, please contact Dorothy Loo on T: +61 7 3443 7066, E: [email protected]

2017 Archive

Event Name Time & Date Description Location
Proteomics Toolbox 1: Introduction to Proteomics 5 April 2-3pm Learn how proteomics can help identify and quantitate multiple proteins in a single experiment.   2004
Proteomics Toolbox 2: Proteomics Laboratory Practical

12 April from 2pm-4pm

13 April from 10am-2pm

Learn how to prepare proteomics samples.  Participants will get to analyse their sample on the Q-Exactive mass spectrometer. 

Registration for Part 2 is essential by 5th of April through Proteomics Facility PPMS (Click Order, Training, Toolbox)
> New users need to set up an account before registering 

+ Analysis of first sample for Workshop 2 - Lab practical is free.  Additional sample is $60 per sample.  ​

Proteomics Toolbox 3: Proteomics Data Analysis 19 April from 2pm-3pm Learn how to match mass spectrum data to protein identifications. SPARQ-Ed Lab


Title When Location

Western Blotting

Presenter: Dr. Loredana Spoerri, UQDI

Expert tips, pitfalls and how to avoid them!

Wednesday 24th February


Room 2007

Flow Cytometry – Learning the FACtS
Techniques and Examples

Presenter: Dalia Khalil, TRI Flow Cytometry Facility

Topics covered: How FACS works/what can be done, Pitfalls, Compensation, Sorting, Flow facilities at TRI 

Wednesday 30th March


Room 2007

Microscopy - Seeing is believing

Presenter: Dr. Sandrine Roy, TRI Microscopy Facility

Topics covered: What you can and cannot image, sample prep (do's and don'ts), fluorophore selection and tips

Wednesday 27th April


Room 2007

Genomics technologies and their applications

Presenter: Dr. Thu Nguyen, UQDI

Topics covered: Next gen sequencing, reads and depth of coverage, detecting variants/mutations, single cell sequencing

Wednesday 25th May


Room 2007


  • Protein Idenification and Quantitation
  • Discover protein interactions
  • Study protein modicfications

Presenter: Dorothy Loo

50% off sample for attendees of Proteomics toolbox Part 1. Samples submitted between 1 and 30 November. Only for standard Sample Analysis with Protein Digest (PPMS product code: 112289, 112290, 112291)

Wednesday 19 October


Room 2004


Learn to prep and analyse 1 sample* of your choice

  • Protemoics sample prep
  • Mass spec sample analysis

Presenters: Dorothy Loo

Register for free by 19 October through Proteomics Facility PPMS:, Click Order, Training, Toolbox

New users need to set up an account before registering: 

*Analysis of first sample of Workshop 2 - Lab practical is free. Additional sample is $60 per sample

DAY 1: Wednesday 26  October

2.00pm - 5.00pm

DAY 2: Thursday 27 October

10.00am - 2.00pm



  • Protein identification from mass spectrum data

Presenter: Dorothy Loo

Wednesday 2 November


Room 2004