Single Cell RNA-seq in SeqGeq™: Seminar and Training

This event is hosted by Queensland University of Technology and presented by Jack Panopoulos, PhD, Application Scientist.  

The seminar will cover:
1. Dimensionality reduction via PCA, LDA, and/or tSNE.
2. Concatenation and separation of single files to identify differences between samples. 
3. Switching from cell view to gene view.
4. Identifying differentially expressed genes.
5. Creating, modifying and importing gene lists gene lists.
6. Creating overlays in the Layout Editor.
7. Creating heat maps in the Layout Editor. 
8. Exporting data from the layout editor. 

Thursday 16 November in Room 2003

10:00am—10:30am Intro to SeqGeq for scRNA-seq

10:30am—11:00am Questions & Discussion

To attend please RSVP to Tony Kenna [email protected]