Seminar Room 2003


Instructor: Erin Cash from RAVE’s self defence and lifestyle education.

1.5 hour demonstrative presentation and whole audience participation.

Learn hands-on defence in a relaxed environment, including:

- Awareness tips

- Basic body weapons

- Risk reduction

- Effective escape strategies

This event is free to attend but registration is required as seats are limited. To register, please click link below.

About Erin:

'I'm Erin Cash: I have previous law enforcement experience in child abuse and sex abuse investigations, crowd control, and adult training; have competitive full contact martial arts experience; and hold numerous advanced level qualifications in fitness and coaching. This makes my qualifications the most unique and specialised this industry has to offer. I don't use traditional out-dated martial arts methods and brute force, I use up-to-date neurological and bio-mechanical life saving techniques and coaching practices. Most importantly, I am task responsive and want to help you, your family and your workplace with your safety and optimal health experience.

My guiding principles are that fitness, nutrition, and personal safety are paramount to people living healthy and productive lives. I aim to reach as many families and workplaces as possible with the highest quality, value for money services and programs to teach, shape and empower women, the elderly, people with disabilities, teens and children'.

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