partnership series seminar 1: ENGAGING WITH AN INVESTOR/PHARMA

Date: Tuesday 3 May 2022
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Location: TRI Auditorium or via Zoom (

Industry can play an essential role in research translation, particularly when it comes to commercialising medical research. In this seminar, we will hear from pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and CSL as well as investment company, Brandon Capital, and UQ’s commercialisation company, UniQuest, about when and how to engage with industry. Joining us on the panel discussion will be researchers and startups to share their experiences.  


Prof Arnand Gautam, Executive Director & Emerging Science Lead (Asia & Asia Pacific), Pfizer
Dr Adriana Baz Morelli, Director, Group leader, CSL
Dr Goslik Schepers, Senior Investment Manager, Queensland, Brandon Capital Partners
Dr Craig Belcher, Senior Director and Head of Life Sciences, UniQuest


A/Prof Sumaira Husnain, Mater Research Institute-UQ, Faculty of Medicine
Dr Rosalind Wilson, CEO, Carpe Vitae Pharmaceuticals