How do you Create a drug for your target?

Join with UQDI's A/Prof James Wells and Dr Brian Dymock from QEDDI (the Queensland Emory Drug Discovery Initiative at The University of Queensland).In this case study about creating a potential therapeutic drug for your genetic target, the pair share their journey in developing a skin lotion to prevent skin cancers in organ transplant patients, who are particularly susceptible to squamous cell carcinoma due to the immunosuppressants they take). Brian also explains how QEDDI can partner with you in small molecule development.

This seminar is part of the TRI Research Translation Committee's weekly Tuesday lunchtime series. This series is a must for any researcher interested in research translation, as the short and sharp seminars are designed to provide case studies on entrepreneurial and translational research projects and the role of partners (such as clinicians, patients, industry and funding agencies) in the success of these projects. 

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