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Remodelling the KLK landscape down under

6th annual International Symposium on Kallikreins and Kallikrein-Related Peptidases (ISK 2015)

Don’t miss the upcoming ISK 2015 meeting, held in Brisbane Australia 28 September – 1 October.  

“Remodelling the KLK landscape down under”, the 6th annual International Symposium on Kallikreins and Kallikrein-Related Peptidases (ISK 2015), will take place at the Translational Research Institute on the Princess Alexandra Hospital Biomedical Precinct, close to downtown Brisbane.  

We have an exciting program that will cover the role of the KLK peptidases in: 

•    barrier function
•    neural patterning
•    cardio/vascular biology and pathology
•    tumour microenvironment
•    as biomarkers
•    genetic and epigenetic regulation
•    KLK activated pathways;
•    structural biology and inhibitors.

We will also have a “hot topics in proteolytic systems” session where we will have some new exciting approaches to protease research from outside our field. 

The traditional Frey Werle Awards will also be a feature of the program.

For the broader protease aficionados, ISK 2015 will be followed by the International Proteolysis Society meeting, IPS 2015, in Penang, Malaysia, October 3-8.

Brisbane is a vibrant and exciting river city with a mix of colonial and modern buildings, beautiful botanical gardens to stroll through, a world renowned gallery and museum strip on the South Bank and a myriad of outdoor cafes and restaurants along the river banks to relax at and enjoy the view. Some of Australia’s best surf beaches are just an hour away by car or train. We have a fabulous sub-tropical climate and September should be a balmy 16-24oC.
So come join us in September for some exciting science at a wonderful venue – Brisbane, Australia!

For more details visit the ISK 2015 website or contact [email protected]


Registration closes 18 September 2015 so register here now!