QUT Giving Day

Help us imagine what's next on Giving Day, Thursday May 16, where students, alumni, staff and friends of QUT fundraise for our vital university programs.

This year to celebrate 30 years of QUT, Giving Day will be held over 30 hours, with a goal of 2000 donors. Find a cause you’re passionate about and choose the area where you’d like to make a difference.

Fight Head and Neck Cancers 

Your support will help improve health outcomes for all Australians. It will assist with funding to implement low-cost, innovative ideas to provide easy and preventative healthcare solutions – to ensure early detection combats head, neck and throat cancers.

Cancer and Ageing Research Program

We are approaching cancer research in a completely new way by taking a step back and looking at the fundamental core of all cancers’ genetic instability. By examining the genetic code we can identify the genes that allow cancer to develop and survive.

Prostate Cancer Research

We must act now to help the 20,000 Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer each year. With more deaths each year, the need for better solutions has never been greater. Your gift will help bring about the breakthroughs needed to shape more effective forms of treatment, and drastically improve the lives of many Australians whose lives have been devastated by this disease.

Better Breast Screening

NMR technology is easy to use and portable. We want to place the additional unit in a rural location, where women who are on Tamoxifen therapy are normally required to travel great distances to a city hospital and have an MRI to check on their treatment progress. Your support can help to ease the burden for women with a breast cancer diagnosis and improve patient outcomes.