TRI Room 2003

Multiplex and Multispectral Analysis of Biomarkers in Breast Cancer and of Immune Cells in Auxiliary Lymph Nodes

TRI Microscopy & Perkin Elmer presents a seminar by Prof Alejandro Contreras from the Dept. of Pathology,  MD Anderson Cancer Centre

While standard IHC methods provide essential clinical information, deciphering the co-localization of prognostic and predictive factors in single cells, spatial relationships, and heterogeneity of expression within the primary breast carcinoma , may provide important biological information and additional clinical information that may influence treatment.

Through the use of tyramide signal amplification (TSA) for multiplex staining on paraffin-embedded tissue sections and multispectral image acquisition and analysis platform, he and his team are studying 1) ER, PR, Her-2, Ki-67, and cytokeratin in invasive and metastatic breast cancer, and (2) CD4, CD8, CD68, CD3, PDL1, and cytokeratin in axillary lymph nodes with and without metastatic carcinoma.

Thursday, 29th October 2015
TRI Room 2003