Particle College seminar

The accredited Particle College seminar covers advanced concepts through applications of micro contamination monitoring and control. Our professionals lead a series of interactive lectures, so you can get the training you need. Register now and learn about advanced environmental monitoring topics, including:

  • Updated ISO 14644 and its impact to local cGMP and PICs requirement.
  • Update changes to EUGMP & PICs adoption re non-viable and viable constant monitoring of sterile environments.
  • Data integrity.
  • Facility pro platforms - Risk mitigation.
  • Continual monitoring.
  • Rapid Surface microbial methods.
  • Compressed gas line monitoring.

Other topics to include:

  • Room and cabinet decontamination.
  • Hard surface disinfection.
  • Disposable sterile garments, gloves and consumables.
  • Isolator technology. 

Register now for our 2 day course by sending an email to [email protected]

Pricing: $480 per person (Early bird $430 per person)

Registration deadline: May 31st 2018