TRI Auditorium

NHMRC Webinar: Peer Review for NHMRC's New Grant Program

TRI will be streaming the NHMRC webinar in the Auditorium. 

In the webinar Professor Anne Kelso AO, CEO of NHMRC will outline peer review for NHMRC’s new grant program, following recent consultations. 

The webinar will be of interest to: 

  • Researchers who are funded by NHMRC
  • Researchers who intend to seek NHMRC funding in the future
  • Representatives of universities, hospitals and medical research institutes
  • Peak health and medical research bodies 
  • Research administrators and managers 

NHMRC is making improvements to its grant funding program to ensure it continues to support the best Australian health and medical research and researchers.  

The improvements aim to:  
• provide opportunities for talented researchers at all career stages to contribute to the improvement of human health 
• encourage greater creativity and innovation in research and 
• minimise the burden on researchers of application and peer review so that researchers can spend more time producing high quality research. 

If you cannot attend the live webinar a recording will be published on the NHMRC website. 

As there is a limited number of live attendee places available for the live webinar we hope to make it as accessable as possible. 

Registration to attend the webinar in the auditorium is not required. 

>More information about the program