Next generation RNA in situ hybridization technologies for research and diagnostics 

Presented by Yuling Luo, Ph.D.

IHC and FISH have been used widely in research and diagnostics for detecting proteins and DNA, respectively, yet RNA ISH has only found limited use due to lack of sensitive and easy-to-use technologies. Next generation RNA ISH technologies now enable easy visualization of gene expression at single-molecule sensitivity and single-base resolution, both in individual cells and within the context of complex tissues. Next generation RNA ISH has been employed in ~800 high quality publications to date, indicating broad utilities in cancer, neurosciences, infectious disease, and stem cell biology research. Examples showcasing the unique applications of RNA ISH in research and diagnostics will be presented.

Dr. Luo is an entrepreneur with more than 14 years of start-up experience in leadership and innovation. Before ACD, Dr. Luo was a founder of Panomics (previously named Genospectra before its acquisition of Panomics), a life science company that was acquired by Affymetrix in 2008. At Panomics, Dr. Luo served various roles including Vice President, Functional Genomics and Chief Scientific Officer and he led the development and launch of all of its flagship product lines. Prior to Panomics, Dr. Luo was one of the earliest senior scientists at Exelixis, where he led a team to identify and validate novel therapeutic targets. Dr. Luo has published many research papers in top peer-reviewed journals. His inventions are the subject of over a dozen patents and patent pending applications. Dr. Luo received his doctorate in biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University and conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania.