Seminar Room 2004

Melanotanning: A sociological investigation of Melanotan use among adult Australians

In this 60 minute seminar, Sociology PhD Candidate Stephanie Raymond will present the preliminary findings of her doctoral research project into user experiences of the injectable tanning agent Melanotan (a synthetic melanocortin) among adult Australians. The study adopts a sociological perspective to interrogate the social practice of ‘melanotanning’ in light of technological innovation, public health messages about the tan and sun exposure, and the meaning and value of the tan in the contemporary Australian context.

The seminar aims to bring together a multidisciplinary audience to discuss questions of interest to clinicians, public health practitioners, social scientists and the public regarding Melanotan use. Among areas for discussion are:

  • The increased use of Melanotan as a lifestyle drug and 'melanotanning' as a social practice;
  • motivating factors for Melanotan use;
  • the possibility for Melanotan to offer a 'safe' or 'healthy' tan;
  • the potential for ‘melanotanning’ to subvert public health messages promoting sun safety;
  • and the promise this research area holds for social scientists as well as medical practitioners.

Researchers from all disciplines are welcome, as are industry affiliates, and members of the public.


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