Russell Strong Auditorium, PAH

Medical Grand Rounds

Monday's from noon the PAH offers Medical Grand Rounds of the hospital, covering a range of subjects. 

Please stay tuned for the 2016 schedule.


2015 SCHEDULE archive

Date Chair Subject Guide
21 September 2015 Dr Ian Scott Respitory; 'Smoking Cessation' Dr Timothy Ryder
    Sleep Medicine; 'What's in the blood is in the lungs' Dr Sarah Gleeson
28 September 2015 Dr David Looke
12:15pm:  ‘Why these toes are black?’
Dr Amgad Said and Dr Michael Allen – General Medicine
    12:45pm: ‘CARE-PACT: Optimizing hospital avoidance and improving continuity of care for acutely unwell residents of aged care facilities' Dr Ellen Burkett – Pharmacy
5 October 2015   TBC TBC
12 October 2015

Dr Paul Varghese

 Palliative Care; ‘Advanced   Care Planning in Metro South Health’ 
Dr Leyton Miller and Prof Elizabeth Reymond
 Oncology; ‘Immunotherapy – pluses and minuses’
Dr Craig Mulhall
19 October 2015 Dr Ruth Hubbard

 About Naevi and their Relevance for Melanoma Research

12:15pm – 12.45pm:  – Dermatology Department, PAH

12:45pm – 1.15pm:    – Dermatology Research Centre, UQ

Dr Nicola CD  Abbott

A/Prof Rick A Sturm

26 October 2015   TBC TBC
2 November 2015 Dr Paul Varghese

12:15pm:  Perioperative Medicine; ‘To proceed or not to proceed –   that is the question?’ 

12:45pm:  – BIRU; ‘Have we crossed our wires?   Traumatic Brain Injury Revisited ‘

Dr Xenia Caney

Dr Deepa Iyer and Dr Gunjeet Minhas