TRI Auditorium

Mater Research Seminar Series 

Presentation Details

23 September 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm
TRI Auditorium

Honours' Student Presentations

'Macrophage Fragmentation: an ex vivo cofounding artefact that has exposed a putative bone marrow Macrophage-Granulocyte niche' presented by Ostyn Heng (A/Prof Allison Pettit Group)

'The role of GPR18 in metabolic dysfunction and immune responses to infections' presented by Cheng Xiang Foo (A/Prof Katharina Ronacher Group)

'Mitochondrial targeted therapy to prevent kidney disease in Type-2 diabetes and obesity' presented by Hakeem Anwar (Prof Josephine Forbes Group)

Group Leader Presentation 

Dr. Mitchell Sullivan - Glycation & Diabetes Complications Group