Introduction to proteomics

Would you like to learn how to:

  • Identify what proteins are changed in your research conditions?
  • Who is interacting with your favourite proteins?
  • How are the interactions changing with treatments?

Come to Introduction to Proteomics and learn how proteomics techniques can help with your research.

The Introduction seminar will cover the basic concepts of the technique, how to identify and quantitate global protein changes in a system. 
Gain hands on experience with the laboratory practical and learn how to undertake proteome analysis or learn how to study protein interactions with immunoprecipitation experiments.
The Data analysis seminars will cover how to analyse your experimental data to identify protein changes in your sample.


Registration is essential for the laboratory practical.  With only 3 users per session, we can accomodate up to 6 users in total.
Analysis of the first sample is free, subsequent samples are charged at $70 per sample. 


Monday 17th May- Introduction Seminar
Tuesday 18th May - Laboratory Practical Day 1
Wednesday 19th May- Laboratory Practical Day 2
Tuesday 25th May- Data Analysis Day 1
Thursday 27th May- Data Analysis Day 2

Can't make it? Keep an eye out for other upcoming dates!


Email [email protected]
Registration closes Friday 14th May

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Visit the Proteomics Facility page to learn more.