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Imagine 2017 - International Innovation and Translation in Imaging Symposium

Returning to TRI for the second year, Imagine is an international conference featuring the world's leading imaging specialists sharing their latest developments in imaging, radiology and MRI technology and process. Hosted by the Translational Research Institute, Imagine 2017 will feature a full day of presentations by international researches and leaders from multinational organisations, followed two workshops that will examine specific challenges in the innovation and translational process. Please see the full program below.

Day 1 - Tuesday 5 September 2017 Day 2 - Wednesday 6 September 2017
8.30am - 4.30pm: Presentations
4.30pm - 6.00pm: Networking Cocktails
9.00am - 4.00pm: Workshops


Imagine Event Program - day 1 - Tuesday 5th September 2017

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
8.30am Prof Carolyn Mountford TRI CEO and Director of Research Welcome to Imagine 2017
8.35am  Dr Robert Krieg  Siemens Healthcare  Welcome to Imagine 2017

Session 1 - Neuro-deregulation in front line defenders – diagnosis and treatment

Chair : Major General Paul McLachlan 

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
8.50am Major General Paul David McLachlan  Commander, 1st Division and Deployable Joint Force Headquarters, Australian Army  Need for better diagnosis and treatment of front line defenders 
9.10am Dr Walter Busuttil Medical Director, Combat Stress, UK Management of mental health disorders in British help-seeking Veterans 
9.30am Dr David Crompton Executive Dean, Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Services Are we closer to the Holy Grail? 
9.50am Prof Carolyn Mountford TRI CEO and Director of Research Neuro-chemical evaluation of PTSD and Blast Exposure 
10.05am Dr John Irvine  Chief Scientist, Data Analytics, Draper Laboratories, Boston, USA New methods for biomarker discovery from MRS Signals 
10.25 am Morning Tea  TRI Atrium  

Session 2 - Imaging Response to Immunotherapy  MRI and MRI-PET

Chair: Prof  Herb Kressel (Boston) 

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
11.00am Prof Alberto Bizzi Carlo Besta Neurological Institute Milan, Italy Imaging response to immunotherapy
11.30am Prof Ken Miles Radiologist, PAH, Institute of Nuclear Medicine, University College London PET/MRI biomarkers in oncology: towards personalisation of immune targeted therapy for body tumours
12.00 noon  Prof Stephen Rose Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO The role of molecular imaging in glioma research 
12.15pm  Michael Kean  Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne  MRI-PET in Paediatric Oncology: beyond the status go!
12.30 Lunch  TRI Atrium   

Session 3 - Cardiac MR

Chair: Dr Richard Slaughter (Brisbane)

Time Speaker Affiliation Title
1.15pm  A/Prof Brett Cowan University of Auckland and General Manager, UniServices Management Commercialisation and innovation in Cardiac MRI analysis 
1.45pm Prof Stuart Grieve Chair of Radiology, Sydney Medical School  4d-flow MRI of the aorta
2.00pm Dr Arnold Ng Senior Cardiologist, Princess Alexandra Hospital Metabolic heart disease
2.15pm Interval  TRI Atrium  

Session 4 MR guided radiotherapy

Chair: Dr Kirby Vosburgh (Boston)

Time Speaker Affiliation Title

Professor Sandro V Porceddu  

*A/Prof Clifton David Fuller

Director of Radiation Oncology Research, Cancer Services Princess Alexandra Hospital, Metro South Health and Associate Editor, Oral Oncology

Integration of functional imaging in the management of head and neck cancer
3.00pm Dr Liz Kenny Medical Director, Cancer Services Central, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital The importance of targeted local treatment and changing the evidence paradigm in cancer
3.15pm Prof Stuart Crozier Associate Dean, Research UQ Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology Development of MRI guided radiotherapy
3.30pm Dr Robert Krieg  Siemens Healthcare MR-guided Therapy
3.45pm Closing Panel Discussion    Prof Carolyn Mountford Chair,  Dr Herb Kressel, Prof Alberto Bizzi , Dr Walter Busuttil, Prof David Crompton, A/Prof Clifton David, Prof Liz Kenny
4.15pm Dr Christine Williams  Chief Scientist Queensland Government

Conference close- Innovation in Queensland 

4.30pm Conference close     

*Unfortunatley A/Prof Clifton David Fuller from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centre, is unable to attend due to recent flooding in the US. 

Day 2 - Wednesday 6th September 2017

Day 2 will feature two three-hour workshop sessions.   The first, chaired by Mark Sowerby, Queensland's Chief Entrepreneur, examines how government hopes to support the translation of innovation; what investors are looking for; what innovators are hoping to achieve; and what the industry partner needs.  The second, chaired by Prof David Whiteman, QIMR asks 'Deep Learning and power calculations: Do we need both?'

Workshop 1: What can Australia and Queensland learn from Boston about Translation?  

Time Speaker Affiliation Topic 
9.00am Mark Sowerby  Chief Entrepreneur, DSITI Queensland  Why is Government support of medical innovation important to bring about commercilisation? 
9.20am Dr Christine Williams  Chief Scientist, DSITI Queensland  Advance Queensland and the support of translational efforts focused on key health needs of Queenslanders. 
9.40am Mike Molinari  Investment Manager, Brandon Capital Partners  Seed and venture capital to support life science companies: what are investors looking for? 
10.30am Prof Kirby Vosburgh Harvard Consortia for Improving Medicine with Innovation and Technology  Experiences in Boston- gaining institutional and project success.
11.00am Elliot Smith Co-founder MaxwellMRI  Industry perspective from a new start-up MaxwellMRI. 
11.30am Round table discussion  Session speakers   
12.00noon  Lunch  Atrium   

Workshop 2: Deep Learning and Power Calculations - Do we need both?

Chair: Prof David Whiteman

Time Speaker Affiliation Topic
1.00pm Prof David Whiteman  Medical Epidemiologist, QIMR Berghofer  Introduces session 
1.10pm Prof Herb Kressel MD Harvard Medical School  Reproducibility of results a concern to hospitals, the journals and to industry 
1.40pm Dr John Irvine  Draper Laboratory, Boston  Do results generalise in clinical practice? 
2.30-2.45pm Interval     
2.45pm Dr Gunter Hartel  QIMR Berghofer Are we wasting money on RCTs because power calculations are irrelevant in a multivariate situation, which all health issues are?
3.15pm Round Table Discussion   
Session Speakers 

'Deep Learning and Power Calculations' supported by: QIMR Berghofer 


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