Seminar Room 2003

Health Informatics Seminar Series: Returning Data Control to Users

Not many people know how to help themselves in cyber security situations. Worse, many do not even know that they are victims or perpetrators of cyber attacks or privacy breaches. What is the root of these problems? With unique malware created every half a second globally, can traditional research and education models fill the cyber security skills shortage adequately and overcome the lack of public awareness? 

This talk will discuss these questions and the crux of most cyber security problems — the lack of control of our data in digital environments. With control over our own data, we will be able to address several related issues in security attribution, trust, accountability and privacy. I will also demonstrate my recent breakthroughs in data provenance, practical homomorphic encryption, security visualization and ransomware detection technologies, and briefly demonstrate wider control challenges in vehicles and drones.

Presented by Prof Ryan Ko, BEng(Hons.)(CompEng), PhD NTU Singapore, FCSA, Chair & Director – Cyber Security, Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology, The University of Queensland

A light lunch will be served at the PAH from 12 noon for those who RSVP by 23 May 2019 – please  advise us of any dietary requirements by emailing [email protected]