L7 Lounge

Get Finance Fit lunch series

TRI wellbeing committee invites you for a free introduction to the world of personal finance. The week long lunch seminar series will offer jargon free tips on how to sustainably boost your savings, structure your personal wealth along with covering off on the risk associated with each strategy. The casual format will be presented in the level 7 staff lounge so you can tune in while eating your lunch. 

With ample opportunity for questions and discussion, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity to gain expert knowledge on how to manage your money. This informal workshop will be facilitated by UQ alumnus and co-chair of the UQ Young Alumni Advisory Board- Young Professional Series, Andrew David Courtney from Plenitude Wealth.

The Program

Monday 16 October 12:30 pm: Where do you start and what's the end goal?

Tuesday 12 October 12:30 pm: Wealth Curve and investment options

Wednesday 13 October 12:30 pm: Buying property and building a portfolio

Thursday 14 October 12:30 pm: Superannuation and why it matters

Friday 15 October 12:30 pm: Bringing it all together

This is an initiative of the TRI Health and Wellbeing Committee. At the beginning of each year, we randomly survey TRI staff and occupants to find out what's causing the most wellbeing challenges, with finance and time management regularly appearing at the top of the results. This finance fit series has been designed to simplify financial management and give you tips to break through the financial fog. No RSVP is required for these sessions and you are welcome to attend all or just the relevant sessions for your needs. 

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Andrew Courtney - Presenter Biography

Masters in Commerce (Applied Finance) 2012
Director of Plenitude Wealth

Andrew Courtney is a proud father, loving husband and founder of the first socially conscious wealth management firm that donates 10% of all its revenue to initiatives designed to tackle poverty. This company is called Plenitude Wealth. Andrew was previously a biomedical research scientist who co-authored multiple scientific publications, the most notable of which is a publication in Nature. His passions for finance, achieving financial freedom (do what you want, when you want, wherever you want with whomever you want), and making a positive difference in the financial landscape of the world led him to pursue a career outside of medical research and into the financial services industry. His company Plenitude Wealth is focussed on creating a philanthropic movement that is devoted to solving (or at least making a massive dent) world poverty. Leading by example and showing the wider public and businesses how they can give back is one of the main drivers Andrew has in his life. Andrew specialises in the structure and strategy of finance which ultimately leads to what he coins portfolio synergy. An avid reader of personal development and business books, Andrew also has a passion to educate individuals and families about the intricacies of building a solid financial foundation which underpins making their compelling vision for the future come to life. His motto in life is – live with purpose.