Seminar Room 2003

Gattefosse Formulation Seminar 2019 

Early considerations in lipid-based strategy for poorly bioavailable compounds.

The issue of low bioavailability continues to hinder robust testing of drug discovery and development. Of the many available strategies, Self­ Emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems (SEDDS) have generated significant interest due to its ability to overcome drugs ' poor bioavailability issues with high bio-compatibility, regulatory acceptance, and simple manufacturing process .

This seminar will highlight some considerations that warrant a lipid­ based formulation as a strategy of choice, and the general outline of the development process applicable early in the drug discovery stage and late stage drug formulation.

Join this Seminar to understand :

1. The overarching strategy of bioavailability enhancement with self­ emulsifying drug delivery system

2. How Gattefosse can help simplify your drug development process

Suitable for:

Liquid, semisolid formulation in hard/softgel capsules for:

  • New Chemical Entity drugs
  • Life-cycle management products "Supergeneric " /"generic plus " & Over-the­ Counter products

If you would like to register for this seminar, please email Yousuf Mohammed [email protected] Registrations will close on the 25 August