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Breathing and Meditation techniques to help manage unhealthy levels of stress and tension - Free sessions for TRI occupants

Come and learn the ancient art of Hatha yoga, pranayama (breath control) and meditation to condition the body for strength, vitality and awareness.

2 x 1 hour sessions - Wednesday 11th October

  • Session 1 - 11am
  • Session 2 - 12pm

Teacher – Dr Vivek Mitter

A calm mind, more energy and improved overall wellbeing are just a breath away. Breath is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal for self-control, energy generation and overall wellbeing. Meditation is a technique that helps relax your body and clear your mind.  Participate in one of these seminars and learn how to harness the power of breath to positively influence your body’s energy systems, create a sense of wellbeing and strengthen your immune system.

The way we breathe and move our bodies impacts our mind. The ability to unlock tension and free our minds has huge benefits in daily life. With skilful breathing techniques and meditation we can experience a blissfully calm mind and abundant energy to carry out our daily chores with ease. Breathing is something we all do it. If done properly it can be a wonderful source of energy fostering joy, limitless pleasure, efficiency, better relationships and a blissful lifeEndless stream of meaningless thoughts, hopes, and worries about future, fantasies, and inner dialogues completely exhaust us. This process of excessive thinking not only wastes a great deal of our energy, but actually affects the quality of thought.

Venue – TRI Auditorium

Cost - Free, no registration required

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