The Frazer Institute Seminar series is held every Wednesday and feature UQ's researchers on various research projects. 

Details about the next Frazer Institute seminar will be available soon.

Date: Wednesday 15 May, 2024 Time: 9:30am - 10:30am Join: TRI Auditorium and via Zoom (Meeting ID: 850 4377 1924)

Speaker 1: Professor Seth Masters (Hudson Institute) Topic: 'Functional characterisation of gene variants causing interferonopathies and inflammasomopathies'. BioProf Seth Masters is Centre Head at the Centre of Innate Immunology and Infectious Disease, Hudson Institute. He has uncovered the genetic basis for several autoinflammatory diseases and continues to manage the associated Australian Registry, AADRY. Mechanistically this work has defined the role of inflammasome sensors such as NLRP1 and NLRC4 in IBD, and the cGAS/STING pathway in ALS. Prof Masters is a Scientific Advisor for NRG Therapeutics and Odyssey Therapeutics, holds a joint appointment at the Guangzhou Women’s and Children’s Hospital (China), and is appointed as a Fellow of the Viertel Foundation, HHMI-Wellcome Trust and the NHMRC