The Frazer Institute Seminar series is held every Wednesday and feature UQ's researchers on various research projects. 

Details about the next Frazer Institute seminar are below.

Date: Wednesday 18 October, 2023 Time: 9:30am - 10:30am Join: TRI Auditorium and via Zoom (Meeting ID: 893 9085 3649)

Speaker 1: Dr Natacha Omer (Guimaraes Lab) Topic:“NK cell therapy for paediatric sarcomas” Bio: Dr Natacha Omer is a paediatric oncologist at the Queensland Children's Hospital in Brisbane with a special interest in sarcoma and cancer immunology. She is a strong believer in translational research and highly motivated to develop cancer immunotherapies to improve the outcome of children with cancers. After completing a master's degree in cancer immunology in France, she is now undertaking a PhD investigating Natural Killer cell immunotherapy in sarcomas under A/Prof Guimaraes supervision. She is a postgraduate NHMRC and Children’s Health Queensland research scholar.

Speaker 2: Mr Joshua Wong (Guimaraes Lab) Topic: “Weaponizing NK cells for solid cancer immunotherapy” Bio: Mr. Joshua Wong is a 3rd year PhD student in A/Prof. Fernando Guimaraes research group. His research focuses on uncovering new ways to activate and enhance the cancer killing capabilities of immune cells known as Natural Killer cells. He is investigating novel antibodies targeting proteins highly expressed on the surface of cancer cells and how these can activate Natural Killer cells against cancer, as well as suppressing inhibitory signals which may suppress these antibody effects