Enhancing Therapy Response for People with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

If you are a patient, carer, community member or researcher interested in learning about current and potential treatment options for Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), this FREE seminar is for you!

NSCLC accounts for around 85% of all lung cancers. The majority of patients are diagnosed with advanced stage disease, however only a minority of patients respond to chemotherapy treatments.

Dr Mark Adams is working on the front line to improve the survival rates of NSCLC by enhancing therapy responses to personalize and focus treatment for a better outcome. In this seminar, he will discuss his research and what it could mean for cancer patients in the future.

Join Dr Adams at this FREE online seminar presented to you by the Translational Research Institute in partnership with Cure Cancer. Register today to secure your spot!

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 24 February 2021
Time: 3:00pm AEST/4:00pm AEDT
Venue: Zoom, link will be provided upon registration


About Dr Mark Adams

Dr Adams leads a team within the QUT Cancer and Ageing Research Program, based at the Translational Research Institute. His team has funding from the NHMRC, the International Lung Cancer Foundation and Cure Cancer Australia. Overarching all Dr Adams’ projects is an interest in cell cycle control and maintenance of genome stability, and how deregulation of these mechanisms contributes to cancer and disease.

This seminar is a collaboration between Cure Cancer and the Translational Research Institute.