Climb For Cancer 2016

TRI medical researchers are working hard to find answers to some of cancers most challenging questions. Without the support of fundraising organisations like Mater Foundation, our researchers simply couldn't continue their work.

And here's why every donation counts.

Researchers fight for grant funding every year and this exhausting process can take away energy from the important fight that needs to be fought in the lab - the fight against cancer. But receiving donations from community groups who held a sausage sizzle or bake sale, climbed stairs, rode a bike or ran a race shows the researchers that they are not alone, that the community is behind them. 

Community support gives the researchers hope which helps them keep fighting the battle against cancer. This year, TRI scientists, clinicians and support staff are climbing, alongside some of the communities most dedicated fundraisers, to show that we are in this fight together. 

Here's the TRI based research teams who are participating in the 2016 Climb For Cancer...

TRI Harder

Rachel Langford
Samuel Barnes
Ashley Meakin
Tashbib Khan
Whitney Fleming
Ailee Jones
Filip Veljkovic
Cameron Sunderland


Tehani De Silva 
Nicholas Muller
Seen Ling Sim
Rehan Villani
James Lee
Scott Alison 
Sally Yukiko

Piranha Patches

Ana Dos Santos
Katey Witham
Ben Baker
Majella Clifton
Maria Buchsteiner
Aidan Dwyer
Simpson Garth
Niki Ikin
Charlotte Sweeney


Ross Flewell-Smith
Kaitlin Nufer
Li Lin
Kim Pham
Tarl Prow
Nhung Dang
Lisa Tom
Van  Hoang
Chao Ping Ng
Vicky Liu

Team ConTRIbute

Belinda Coleman
Mark Cowley
Luke Devitt
Nagaraj Gopisetty
Ariya Sree
Nishta Ramnoruth
Aimee Hanson
Reena Krishna


Helmut Schaider
Heinz Hammerlindl
Joachim Torrano
Abdullah Al Emran
Melea O’Reilly
Sabrina Hammerlindl

The TRI-hards!

Kathryn Futrega
Eric Franklin
Eman Mosaad
Ena Music


Aisling Doyle
Anneli Bridgment
Maria Wojciechowski
Eric Pizzani

It's all up HILL from here

Amanda Oliver
Jayde Ruelcke
Anup Shah
Alok Shah


Campbell Schmidt
Cheng-Yu Lin
Satomi Okano
Nicola Pett

> To donate to the TRI teams, please visit our fundraising page

This event has now passed. we smashed our goal and had an amazing time doing so. For more details, please visit the climb for cancer 2016 wrap up page



Meet the Teams