The challenges of breast density in screening, detection, and prevention of breast cancer - Associate Professor Wendy Ingman

Associate Professor Wendy Ingman is a breast biologist at the University of Adelaide, based at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and is a Research Leader at the Robinson Research Institute. Her research investigates the biology of how the breast develops and functions to better understand how disease states occur, including lactation mastitis and breast cancer.

After postdoctoral research as an NHMRC CJ Martin Fellow at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, USA, Wendy returned to Adelaide in 2005 and established the Breast Biology and Cancer Unit at the University of Adelaide. In 2011 she was appointed a National Breast Cancer Foundation Fellow and also The Hospital Research Foundation Associate Professor of Breast Cancer Research, which is her current appointment. In 2016 she won the Excellence in Reproductive Biology Research Award from the Society for Reproductive Biology.

In addition to her research on the biology of breast density and its association with breast cancer risk, Wendy is also leader and spokesperson for the InforMD alliance of breast cancer researchers fostering a shared well-informed conversation about breast density with all stakeholders.