TRI Seminar Room 2003 and Zoom

cancer seminar series

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Speaker: Dr Rupert Ecker

Seminar Title: Contextual Tissue Cytometry with AI – Immunophenotyping and Quantifying the Tumor Microenvironment in-situ

Dr. Rupert Ecker has been co-founder of the TissueGnostics group in Austria, Romania, and USA. He is Chief Executive Officer in TissueGnostics-Austria and TissueGnostics-Romania, Vice President of TissueGnostics-USA, as well as Area Manager of TissueGnostics China Division.  Before founding TissueGnostics he was a research scientist at the Competence Centre for Bio Molecular Therapeutics in Vienna, a joint venture between the University of Vienna and the Novartis Research Centre. As a co-inventor of the TissueFAXS technology Rupert Ecker has always been significantly involved in research and (product) development from system design to clinical testing and has successfully headed several joint R&D projects with academic partner institutions in the fields of advanced computer vision, cancer research, stem cell biology, and personalized medicine. Rupert Ecker graduated in Cell Biology from the University of Vienna. He has more than 20 years of experience in microscopy and image analysis. 

Speaker: Dr Snehlata Kumari

Seminar Title: Necroptosis and apoptosis signalling pathways in regulating inflammation

Dr. Snehlata Kumari completed her PhD from the University Clinic in Cologne, Germany on understanding the role of NF-B signalling in skin inflammation. Post PhD, she moved to the Institute for Genetics at the University of Cologne in Germany to do her postdoctoral work and identified essential roles of NF-B, apoptosis and necroptosis signalling pathways in regulating skin inflammation. 

Inflammation is crucial to tumor development and progression, but a lack of inflammation defines poor outcomes of the therapeutic approaches, such as immunotherapy. Dr Kumari's research focuses on understanding of immunomodulatory signals regulating inflammatory processes to develop targeted therapeutic strategies in fighting against cancer and skin inflammation.