Level 4, TRI

Masterclass and Wet workshop in droplet digital pcr

Take the opportunity to utilise Digital Biology Technology in your own research.

Droplet Digital™ PCR (ddPCR™) is an ideal technology to Increase Throughput, Eliminate Variation, and push the boundaries of Detection in a whole range of applications, with its absolute quantification of nucleic acids in small samples.

Register for this Workshop to learn about ddPCR applications, including Rare mutation detection, Copy number variation, Liquid biopsy, Genome editing detection -CRISPR, Pathogen detection and quantification, and more. Includes an introductory seminar on Droplet Digital PCR technology and bring your own sample hands-on Wet Workshop.

In this 1-Day workshop we will be sharing with you the simple steps in taking existing qPCR assays and running a Droplet Digital™ PCR experiment. Attendee’s will generate quantitative data and learn how they can implement this workflow in their own laboratories.

Workshop Schedule

10:00am Arrival and Registration Check (Register assays and samples with Bio-Rad team)
10:30am Practical Section I presented by Dr. Tao Huang (Briefing, Sample Preparation, Droplet Generation and PCR start) 
12:00pm Introduction to Droplet Digital Biology presented by Nagendera Vij 
12:30pm Break and Networking 
1:30pm Practical Section II presented by Dr Tao Huang (includes Briefing, Protocol Setup and Droplet Reader start)
2:30pm Best Practice for ddPCR presented by Dr Tao Huang
3:30pm Practical Section III  presented by Dr Tao Huang (Data Analysis using QuantaSoft software, Q&A) 
5:00pm Conclusion 

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