Seminar Room 2003

APLAR-ARA Immunology review course 

The Immunology review course will be delivered by an outstanding faculty of international and Australian speakers. It is designed for clinicians , scientists and students interested in learning more about how the immune system works and the immune basis for the diseases that Rheumatologists treat. We will finish with an interactive session with an expert panel on what lies ahead for immune-based therapies.


Time Topic Speaker
0845-0930 Arrive and register  
0900-0930 Review of the immune system Graham Leggatt
0930-1000 Innate immune control and inflammasome Kate Schroder
1000-1030 B cells, antibody production and autoantibodies Hans Ulrich Scherer
1030-1100 Coffee Break  
1100-1130 Adaptive immunity and tolerance Ray Steptoe
1130-1200 Unconventional and innate cells Dan Pellicci
1200-1230 Host-microbe interactions: microbiome Kristen Demoruelle
1230-1330 Lunch Break  
1330-1400 Rheumatoid arthritis pathogenesis Lars Klareskog
1400-1430 The gut immune system and IBD Jake Begun
1430-1500 Organ-specific autoimmunity: myositis Ingrid Lundberg
1500-1530 Coffee Break  
1530-1600 Tolerance and tolerising therapies Ranjeny Thomas
1600-1630 Promise and challenges of cancer immunotherapy Riccardo Dolcetti
1630-1700 What lies ahead: my dream ticket Panel: Matt BrownRanjeny Thomas, Lars Klareskog, Ingrid LundbergMalcolm Handel