TRI Auditorium

Advanced imaging research work on Phasefocus LiveCyte Instrument

Presented by Dr Rakesh Suman

The Livecyte system from Phasefocus is a complete imaging and analysis system optimised for long term, non-invasive monitoring of live cells label-free. Livecyte utilises QPI (Quantitative Phase Imaging) combined with correlative fluorescence imaging to extract a suite of information to report both morphological and kinetic phenotypes at a single cell level. In this seminar we will demonstrate the intuitive workflow and multiple outputs from a single time-lapse experiment using the Livecyte automated cell imaging and analysis software. Finally we will demonstrate some of the exciting applications such as Scratch Wound Healing Assay, Analysis of Heterogeneous Cell Populations, Mitotic Time, Cytotoxicity, Cell Viability, Random Motility and much more, all without using labels.

To attend or for more information email Sandrine on [email protected]