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TRI student seminar 

Each week several research higher degree students and post-doctorate researchers will give a presentation on their research. These seminars will be held every Thursday, from 3:00pm-4:00pm. Due to current restrictions, this will be a Zoom webinar. To view this seminar on Thursday, see the link below. We're hoping the seminar will make a welcome return to the Level 7 Staff Lounge in the near future but for now please click the link below to hear about the exciting research happening right now in the building.

Zoom ID: 812 3647 0623

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Date Presenter Seminar Title Location and Time
Thursday 30 September  You choose the movie! TRI Student Movie Night - Hang out with your peers following the movie! 

Level 2 Auditorium


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Thursday 23 September 

Layla Lynam (QUT)

Janelle Hancock (TRI Core Proteomics)

Layla will present, 'Characterising the role of NRP1 in claudin-low breast cancer' and Janelle will present, 'Protein interaction mapping by co-IP mass spectrometry'. 

Level 7 Staff Lounge


Zoom ID: 82924018948

Thursday 16 September Mischa Lundberg (UQDI) Integrative analysis of single cell transcriptomics, genetic association studies, and KO mouse models identifies cell types and genes involved in skeletal disease. 

Level 7 Staff Lounge


Zoom ID: 82924018948

2020 Archive





5 November 2020 TRI

Professor Ian Frazer

Professor Gabrielle Belz

Dr Rodney Cusack

Gabrielle Button

Special Panel Discussion- Lessons in Leadership
24 September 2020 UQ Lia Kim

"Regulation of cGAS during the Cell Cycle"

Lia will speak on her research project interpreting the relationship between the cell cycle regulation and cancer. Various cancers are showing the dys-regulation in cell cycle with abnormal protein levels. The team have postulated that the protein cGAS is highly involved in the response of cells to the disruption of mitosis and thereby plays a key role in the maintenance of genomic stability and in the response to anti-cancer drugs that target mitotic cells. This research will contribute to explain the pathway of cGAS regulation and improve anti-cancer therapy.

10 September QUT Professor Selena Bartlett

"Optimal performance and stress management Post-COVID19 using neuroscience"

In general people would like to improve their performance and manage stress. However, COVID-19 shows that stress affects everyone and our performance in a way that we never expected. For example, Erica, the organizer of the conference I was attending, mentions that the second lock down in Victoria has affected her young adult children. She sounded desperate, with one of them losing their job, not being able to see their friends and having the normal ways to handling stress and the feeling of hopelessness about life. She described how the helicopters overhead and the police sirens have brought back memories from when she was in a war-torn country. Her motivation gone she felt stuck and was having a hard time to work. Brain science tells us why this is happening and what we can do about it.  The experiences we have in the earliest years of our lives, and from previous generations, that is the genetics and the environment, affect the brain architecture in lasting ways (McEwen 1998, Felitti et al., 2019). The differences in our brain architecture has consequences – positive and negative – across the lifespan for our physical and mental health and ability to handle stress. Advances in brain imaging technology, neuroscience and genome sequencing are providing evidence that the brain architecture is affected by the level of early life experiences over multiple generations.  In this presentation, you will learn simple strategies to help you understand how the brain works and a few tools to put neuroscience into action to manage stress and improve performance.

27 August Mater Research, UQ Isanka Ratnasekera "Epidemiology in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in Queensland"
13 August QUT  Thais Sobanski "Cellular metabolism-mediated regulation of DNA double-strand break repair pathways"
16 July Excite Science and QIMR Berghofer

Dr Ken Dutton-Regester

What does a career in science communication look like and how do you get there? 

Zoom ID: 812 3647 0623

Dr Ken Dutton-Regester is an active cancer researcher and founder of Excite Science, a start-up explaining complex science in fun ways. With a current focus on teaching cancer biology to the community, Excite Science uses escape rooms, virtual reality and augmented reality artwork as an accessible and engaging communication platform. Ken also the content creator of Stemventurist, a Youtube channel curating professional development advice to help scientists achieve their career goals, inside or outside of academia.    

2 July  Mater Research Liam O'Brien

Establishing a Humanized Mouse Model to Evaluate Immunotherapy in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Zoom ID: 812 3647 0623

18 June QUT Chris Molloy CDCA3 in Colorectal Cancer
4 June UQDI Jack Wang  "Mendelian randomization study of the relationship between maternal blood pressure and offspring cardiometabolic risk".   
Cancelled 19 March Mater Research Madushan Fernando  "Targeting a novel ATM cell cycle checkpoint defect in cancer"
Cancelled 19 March  UQ Jeniffer Loaiza "Antigen-specific immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes"
12 March  Mater Research Rishika Abrol  "the role of proinflammatory cytokines in regulating haematopoiesis and erythropoiesis in response to bacterial lipopolysaccharide"
12 March  QUT Bahar Sahin "TKI Response in EGFR Mutant NSCLC "
5 March  QUT Kate Beecher "Controlling Neurons involved in sugar intake"
5 March UQ Jeni f fer Loaiza Naranjo TBA

2019 archive





19 September  QUT Thais Sobanski “Methylation Profile of Tumor Suppressor Genes in Colorectal Precursor lesions and Cancer” 
29 August   Dr Bronwyn Robinson 'An interative workshop to teach us how we can relieve stress by using mindful resilience and meditation' 
22 August Mater Research Semira Hailu "The Role of GPR183 in Regulation of Type I Interferons during Mycobacterial Infections” 
22 August QUT Dr Mark Adams

“Enhancing chemotherapy response in non-small cell lung cancer”

15 August QUT Charles Bidgood "Investigating the role of branched chain amino acid metabolism in the development of prostate cancer therapy resistance”
15 August UQDI Raymod Zhao “ Endothelial progenitor physiology in atherosclerosis” 
8 August UQDI Jayne-Louise Pritchard  "Investigating the role of FBXW7 in mitosis and chromosomal instability" 
8 August Mater Research  Ashley Meakin  “The placental androgen axis: a potential regulator of sex-specific intrauterine growth” 
1 August QUT Nicola Richards "Transcriptional regulation of phenotype heterogeneity in melanoma: Understanding the molecular mechanisms of resistance & survival" 
1 August Mater Research Isanka Ratnasekera “Targeting peritoneal immunity to improve outcomes in patients with decompensated cirrhosis” 
18 July UQDI Abate Bashaw  Effect of HPV16 E7 oncoprotein-induced epithelial hyperplasia on CD4+ T cell priming after immunization
18 July QUT Patrick Thomas The long non-coding RNA GHSROS promotes tumour growth and mediates expression of genes associated with metastasis and adverse disease outcome
11 July Mater Research Lena Batoon "Osteomacs and their role in bone dynamics"
11 July UQDI Zeng Guo "Would equilibrium angiotensin II assay be superior to renin measurement in screening and diagnosis or primary aldosteronism"
4 July QUT Mohanan Maharaj tbc
4 July Mater Research Michelle Cestari “The effect of CSF1-fc administration on a diet induced liver injury model in mice and rats”
27 June Uniquest Dr Tamsin Terry Beyond the Bench: Commercialising Your Research 
27 June Bluebox Dr Patrick Dwyer Beyond the Bench: Commercialising Your Research 
20 June UQDI Farhad Dekhoda “The Mechanism of GP130 activation and regulation of its downstream signalling” 
20 June  QUT Dr Ming Tang "Biophysics of collagen molecules in the extracellular matrix"
13 June Mater Research Hayley Reed  “Microbial Regulation of the IL-23/Th17 Axis” 
13 June UQ Manon Napoli  “Non-melanoma tumour in Cyclosporine treated skin to understand mechanisms that give rise to epidermal carcinoma in organ transplanted recipients” 
6 June  QUT Dr Joshua Burgess “SASH1: A novel biomarker for PARP inhibitor therapy in solid tumours” 
6 June Mater Research Patricia Gerdes “Reprogramming activates insertional mutagens in mouse induced pluripotent stem cells”
30 May QIMR Dr Prudence Donovan Beyond the Bench. Part 1: Careers in Commercialisation 
23 May QUT Kaylyn Davis Tousignant "Extensive lipid remodelling fuelled by lipid uptake is an early mechanism of resistance to androgen receptor-targeted therapies in prostate cancer"
23 May UQ Jenny Zeng "The involvement of IFN-gy and CXCR3 in the CD8+ T-cell-mediated regression of Squamous Cell Carcinoma" 
16 May Mater Research Jess Sexton "Spatial analysis of risk factors for stillbirth"
16 May UQ Simone Minnie "Stem cell transplantation establishes T cell-dependent myeloma immune-equilibrium that can be enhanced with immunotherapy” 
9 May QUT Anthony Attack  “A 3D model of osteoblastic stimulation by prostate cancer”
9 May UQ Tahleesa Cuda "Theranostics for metastatic colorectal cancer” 
18 April Mater Research Saurabh Bandhavkar “Size matters: smaller the better!” 
18 April UQ Dr Takumi Kobayashi  "Increased lipid metabolism supports NK cell function in the lymphoma environment” 
11 April QUT Heidi Wagner “Investigating Nuclear Localisation of c-MET Intracellular Fragments” 
11 April Mater Research Dr Ran Wang "Manipulating IL-22 to suppress respiratory viral infections"
4 April QUT Thomas Tang

“ Investigating the role of Neuropilin-1 in triple-negative breast cancer”  

March Speaker of the Month:

Congratulations to Annika Krueger from UQDI for winning the award for Best Speaker of the Month for the TRI student seminar series! She presented a wonderful talk about secreted bacterial proteins from Staphylococcus aureus as local regulators of epithelial inflammation in photo-damaged skin

28 March QUT, UQDI and Mater Research Prof Judith Clements, Dr Fiona Simpson and Dr Sumaira Hasnain 'Women In Science' panel discussion
21 March UQDI Annika Krueger Secreted bacterial proteins from Staphylococcus aureus as local regulators of epithelial inflammation in photo-damaged skin
21 March Mater Mark Williams  A de novo HDAC8 pathogenic variant in a patient with suspected Agelman syndrome 
14 March QUT

Christian Jekimovs 

“Investigating PP4C and PP4R3 in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma" 
14 March Mater Sherman Leung 

“Doing a Phd? There’s an app for that!!“ 

7 March UQDI Jeremy Brooks

"Queen B - the original Sasha Fierce"

7 March QUT Chris Molloy

"Cell cycle proteins in colorectal cancer"


2018 Archive





27 September  UQ 

A/Prof Antje Blumenthal

Prof Paul Clarke

Prof Brian Gabrielli

"How To Score The Ideal Job in Science - Interviewing Tips From The Experts" 
9 August UQDI Yash Chhabra (Brooks Lab- UQDI/FOM)  ‘Modulation of GHR driven signalling pathways promotes lifespan extension’
9 August Mater Ting Kai Tan (Hasnain lab-UQ Mater)  ‘MUC2 defect associated intestinal inflammation modulate host metabolic function in a murine model of colitis’

28 June

QUT A/Prof Elizabeth Williams  "Getting out and about"
31 May   Prof David Evans, Prof Matt Brown and Dr Andrew Brooks "How to Publish in High Impact Journals"
26 April UQ Dr Fiona Simpson Sharing your science with investors, philanthropists and the public: more important than ever

19 April

UQ (Fraser Lab)

Paula Kuo

Effective Migration of Skin Dendritic Cells to The Draining Lymph Node Is Dependent on HPV16E7-Rb Interaction

19 April

QUT (Dray)

Bárbara de la Peña


2017 archive







Francisco Sanchez-Luque

Active L1 Retrotransposons in the Human Brain



Felicity Davis

Building the Breast Epithelium: Insight From the First Single Cell Lineage-Tracing Studies in the Mammary Gland



Hosam Kamli

Drug Resistance to Renal Cell Carcinoma


Thomas Keech

Bone Marrow Macrophages in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia


Shubhra Chandra

The Role of Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor-1 Beta in Prostate Cancer



Mei Zhou

Role of Adult Neurogenesis in Depression


Bianca Nowlan

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Antigen Expression of CD27 and CD201 in NSG and NOD-SCID Mice



Patricia Gerdes

Epigenetic Regulation of “Hot” L1 Retrotransposons and Their Daughter Insertions in Mice

TRI Microscopy Facility

Sandrine Roy

TRI Microscopy Facility, What’s There and What’s Coming Soon!

Guest Speaker

Arne Kienzle

En Face Isolation of the Mesothelial Glycocalix Using Heteropolysaccharides



Thomas Kryza

The Kallikrein-Related Peptidase 14 is Regulated by Androgen-Targeted Therapies in Prostate Cancer Cells and Involved in Progression of Prostate Cancer

TRI Proteomics Facility

Dorothy Loo

Proteomics to Accurately Diagnose Amyloidosis Subtype



Danielle Borg

Exploring IL-22 Therapeutics for the Treatment of Diabetes


Thao Tran

An Inhibitor of WNT Production Improves Host Control of Listeria Monocytogenes



Aimee Hanson

Profiling T-Cell Populations in Ankylosing Spondylitis Patients Using Immunosequencing



Robert Ellis

What Happens When We Take Away Someone’s Kidney? #nofilter


Md Moniruzzaman

Comparison of Two Murine Models of Bleomycin-Induced



Burhan Ali Khan

The Role of SARM1 in Herpes Simplex Virus 1 Encephalitis


Pascale Wehr

Characterising the Antigen-Specific CD4+ T Cell Phenotype and Repertoire Over the Course



Oscar Haigh

Studying CLEC9-A Targeting Prostate Cancer Vaccines in a Humanised Mouse Model


Ali Jaffary

Novel Role of hSSB2 in BER Pathway


Allie Lam

Modulation of Anti-Tumour Immunity via The Direct Active Delivery of INKT Cell Adjuvant to CD8+ DCS Against Cancer



Frances Pearson

Targeting Dendritic Cells via CLEC9 to Induce Wilms Tumour (Antigen) 1-Specific T Cells Responses


Paula Kao

CXCL9/10 Signalling Regulates CXCR3+ Immune Cell Subset Infiltration to Pre-Malignant Environment Induced by HPV16 E7


Heinz Hammerlindl

OGT TET1 Mediated H3k4me3 Remodelling Drives Acquired BRAF Inhibitor Resistance in Melanoma



Ramya Movva

Role of Antibiotics in Ulcerative Colitis



Jessica Whyte

Investigating the Mechanisms of Ankylosing Spondylitis-Associated Genetic Loci


Farhad Dehkhoda

Determining The Mechanism of JAK2 Activation by Class I Cytokine Receptors



Ran Wang

Targeting Nuclear Receptor RORa to Suppress TH17-Driven Inflammatory Disorders


Takumi Kobayashi

Excessive FA Levels Suppress IFN-gamma Production of NK Cells in B Cell Lymphoma



Michaela Kindlova

Seeking Novel Genes Involved in L1 Regulation



Jeremy Brooks

B Cell Tetramers: Tips and Tricks


Mia McLean

Childhood Anxiety: Flooded with Reasons Why



Tom Schultz

Molecular Mechanisms of RP105-Dependent Macrophage Activation


Julie Davies

Genes or the microbiota? Identifying the Driver in Intestinal Radiation Damage in E-Selectin KO Mice



Kunyu Shen

Screening The ER Stress in Kindey Cancer


Gabriela Bodea

A Novel Mouse Model to Study L1 Retrotransposition in the Brain



Sian Pottenger

Understudied Gut Microbes and Their Importance: The Polyphenol Interactions


Ena Music

Hypoxic Culturing of 3D Microtissues Improves Ovine Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell Chondrogenesis



Sandra Richardson

Heritable L1 Retrotransposition in the Mouse Primordial Germline and Early Embryo


Johanna Erbani

Vascular Niche E-Selectin Plays a Key Role in Leukaemia Chemo-resistance



Sugandha Bhatia

EMT & MET: Underpinning the Phenotypic and Clonal Diversity in Breast Cancer



Thanh Hoang

A Laboratory Study of Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma


Panchadsaram Janaththani

The Role of 5p15 Locus in Prostate Cancer Risk and Progression



James Lee

The Role of Macrophages in Ultraviolet Radiation-Induced Immunosuppression



Patricia Carreira

Selection of a Tumour-Specific L1 Insertion in the STC1 Gene After Chemotherapy in an Ovarian Cancer Patient



Saurabh Bandhavkar

Identifying Novel Regulators of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis


Samaneh Farashi

Association Study of miRNA-Regulatory SNPs with Prostate Cancer Risk, Prognosis, and Progression.



Cheng-Yu Lin

Translocation Breakpoints Preferentially Occur in Euchromatin and Acrocentric Chromosomes



Belinda Lequertier

Prenatal Exposure to a Natural Disaster and Toddler Behaviour Problems: The Importance of Maternal Mental Health and Mind-Mindedness



Haotain Yang

Early Prediction of Chemoterapy Efficacy in Liver Cancer by Specific ROS Levels



Mohanan Maharaj

Using Proteomics to Understand EphB4 Post-Translational Modifications



Sharon Del Vecchio

More Than Just a Pretty Picture: How MR Spectroscopy Can Improve the Diagnosis of Kidney Cancer


Lisa Daly

Mobile Applications and Opportunities for Longitudinal Data Collection Across the Reproductive Lifespan



Enya Chen

FcγR Dependent Antibody-Mediated Immune Response of Macrophages in CLL


Sherman Leung

Gene Therapy Using AAV in Experimental Type 1 Diabetes


Meg Donovan

The Innate Immune Receptor Rp105 Contributes to Mycobacteria-Induced Type I interferon Responses