Evaluating the benefits of metformin in metastatic prostate cancer: (ADMET) trial

Researchers are leading a world-first study using a common diabetes treatment Metformin to help men undergoing Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT). 

Head Researcher Prof Colleen Nelson
Team Members

Dr Handoo Rhee
Dr Jennifer Gunter
Dr Ian Vela
Dr Lidija Javanovic
Dr Brett Hollier
Dr Elizabeth Williams
Dr Simon Wood
Prof Ken Ho
Dr Maggie Fung

Body Part Prostate
Equipment Used  
Process Used Testing a drug used to treat patients with diabetes to see if it helps with prostate cancer
Research Areas Targeted therapies, therapeutics
Disease Cancer
Commercial Partnerships  
Institutions QUT, PA Hospital

About the Project

Patients with metastatic prostate cancer are usually treated with Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT).  Although successful in short term, the cancer usually progresses in few years.  It is thought that the side effects of ADT, such as obesity and high levels of insulin, contribute towards the treatment resistance.  Metformin is the most commonly used diabetic medication in the world.  It lowers insulin and help patients lose weight.  The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether Metformin will help delay the treatment resistance.

Translational Research - Milestone T3

This project is currently undertaking clinical trials.

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Professor Colleen Nelson