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TRI Director's choice seminar #2

Join us for TRI's second Director's Choice Seminar of 2023 where Nadia Levin, CEO and Managing Director at Research Australia, will tell us more about health and medical research in Queensland, the progress made to date and what the sector can do to support itself.

In the last 25 years, health and medical research in Queensland has grown into a $2.1bn per annum industry. A combination of government investment, major philanthropy, hospitals, universities and medical research institutes coming together to create hubs where the outcomes are greater than the sum of their parts has allowed Queensland to catch up on the 150-year head start that the larger populated states have had in this area. 

But there are major challenges – early career researchers struggle under the time-limited grants funding schemes with often low success rates. Across the research community more broadly, researchers are being asked to look for new funding sources. So, how can research work better with industry and philanthropy? What is happening in the Queensland context from which we can draw inspiration?

Join us for this interactive discussion with Nadia Levin who leads national advocacy for health and medical research innovation, positioning the sector as a significant driver of a healthy population and healthy economy. Nadia has successfully driven recognition and a change in strategies to support the translation of research discovery and innovation into collective opportunity. This includes the importance of investing in and maintaining sustainable landmark research and smart innovation infrastructure. 

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Presenter: Nadia Levin, CEO and Managing Director, Research Australia
Date: Wednesday 26 July 2023
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Venue: TRI Auditorium & Online
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