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TRI Director's choice seminar #1

Join us for TRI's first Director's Choice Seminar of 2023 where Professor John Prins, Executive Director at Health Translation Queensland, will discuss the future of medical research in Australia, and the lessons for Queensland from Melbourne.

Professor Prins recently returned from a four-year stint as head of Melbourne University's Medical School. He will tell us that there is no silver bullet for Queensland medical research. However, he will also explain that if the state focuses on strategic collaboration and investment, we’ll be well positioned to respond to the global shift in medical research investment from blue sky research to using research as a tool to help solve real world problems in health care.

Professor Prins is an active clinician-scientist, a respected thought leader in diabetes and endocrinology in Australia, and has wide experience on grant review and advisory committees for NHMRC, non-government organisations and industry. He undertook his clinical training in endocrinology in Brisbane and then completed a PhD in adipose tissue biology at The University of Queensland. He completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Cambridge and was awarded a Wellcome Senior Research Fellowship in Medical Sciences in 1998.

Professor Prins has also received more than $35M in research and commercialisation funding, has published over 160 research publications with over 14,300 citations, and holds four international patents.

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Presenter: Professor John Prins, Executive Director, Health Translation Queensland
Date: Tuesday 21 March 2023
Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Venue: TRI Auditorium & Online
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